Account Access

  • Can I change my Password?

    Yes! Simply go to the Settings Tab and select the option to “Change Password” or on web, go to

  • Can I change my Username?

    Change is always good! Simply go to the Settings Tab and tap the “Update My Info” option. From the web you can go to

  • What is my Username/Password?

    If you’re unable to login you can click the “Forgot?” link located on the login page.

  • I am under the age of 13, why can’t I create a Collide account?

    Such a bummer! Unfortunately, you must be 13 years of age or older to create an account and access Collide. Check back with us soon!

Technical Support

  • Why can’t I connect to Collide?

    Many times restarting your browser or restarting your computer will fix connectivity issues.

    If you are on a work, school, hotel, or hospital public WiFi:
    Check with your network administrator to make sure services such as Collide are supported and not intentionally blocked. Note that many public networks have limited bandwidth.

    If you’re using a cellular data network or satellite Internet:
    If possible, try a different network. Cellular data and satellite Internet connections commonly have slower connections speeds than cable Internet or DSL.

  • What hardware do I need in order to Collide?

    You must have a modern device (purchased in this decade) such as a laptop, tablet or mobile phone and a working connection to the internet or data plan.


    Apple iOS Supported Devices (iOS 9 or newer)


    iPhone 5S, 6, 6+, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+


    iPad Air, Air 2, Mini 2, Mini 3, Mini 4
    iPad Pro

  • What are the platform/browser requirements to Collide?

    The following are the minimum/oldest versions we support:

    Platform Browser Platform Browser
    Windows 7 Chrome 50 Mac 10. 10+ Chrome 50
    Windows 7 Firefox 46 Mac 10. 10+ Firefox 46
    Windows 7 Internet Explorer 11 Mac 10. 10+ Safari 9.1
    Windows 10 Chrome 50 iOS9+ Safari 9
    Windows 10 Firefox 46 iOS9+ App
    Windows 10 Internet Explorer 11 Android 4.4+ Chrome 50
    Windows 10 Edge 13 Android 4.4+ Android Browser
  • I experienced freezing, a black screen, or pixelation when I use Collide. What's happening?

    We suggest you enjoy Collide while connected to WiFi whenever possible for the best experience.

    When using your phone’s data plan you may sometimes have a poor experience related to a weak signal. Especially if your device is receiving less than 2 megabytes per second download. You can always check your download speed at

    Click here to send us a message!


  • Can I change the services I offer to my fans and the rates I charge for my services?

    Definitely! Simply go to the Settings Tab and tap on Creator Settings to add or remove services. To update your rates, click on Rates. Contact for further help with services and rates.

  • How do I change the account my payments are going to?

    Easy! Navigate to our Banking Form.
    Or contact for help with updating your bank account information.

  • When can I expect to receive payment for my services?

    Please refer to the Creator Terms of Service for payment information.

    Payouts on Collide are done weekly. Creators can get paid by check or ACH direct deposit. Please fill out a w-9 form and send the following information to To receive check payments send us: Full Legal Name and Physical Address. For ACH Payments – Full Legal Name, Account Name, Bank Name, Routing Number and Account Number.

  • How do I get started?

    In order to get started on Collide, download our App from the App Store!

  • Is my personal number being shared for the SMS/MMS services?

    No way! Your personal contact information will always be protected.

  • How do I price my services?

    Before uploading content or taking calls/texts you want to make sure your services are priced correctly. Your fans will be paying for your content with credits that they purchase through Collide. 10 credits =$1; keep this in mind when setting your rates. Below is a breakdown of the different services you can set rates for:

    Your Phone Number– This is the cost to the fan to purchase your phone number for phone calling or texting services. The fan must create a network with you before they are able to participate in the phone calling and texting services.
    Fan Texts You – How much the fan is charged to send you a text.
    You Text Fan- How much fans are charged for texts that you send.
    Voice Calls – The per-minute rate fans are charged during phone calls.

  • If I miss a call does the caller get to my voicemail?

    When used properly there is no way for fans to reach your voicemail. However, we do require that you update your voicemail to something that is suitable if somehow the caller gets through to it. Follow these steps for the best experience:

    1. Update your personal voicemail to something that does not give your phone# away.
    2. Make sure to set your availability to “OFF” in your Creator Settings when unavailable.
    3. DO NOT ignore/decline calls as this sends them directly to your VM. You can still silence the call. Note: All Collide Connect numbers are area code (510).
    4. DO NOT turn your phone off unless your availability is set to off. This will send calls directly to VM.


  • What forms of payment are accepted?

    We accept all major credit cards including: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Sorry, we unfortunately don’t accept cash, checks, or wire transfers at this time. If you are purchasing credits through the app then the in-app purchases are made through your iTunes or Google Play account. Click here to send us a message! 

  • Can I change my payment details?

    Definitely! On your next purchase, you can update the credit card on file by clicking the link: “Use another card”, which will be at the bottom of the product selection page. Click here to send us a message!

  • The content I purchased stopped working, can I get a refund?

    Sorry to hear that :(, we aim to deliver the best experience for our users. We’d be happy to look into that for you. Click here to send us a message.

  • There is an unauthorized charge from Collide on my statement, what is this?

    If you do not think this purchase was made by yourself or someone in your household please let us know so we can help. Scroll down on this page and click “NO” to send us a message, we’ll get right back to you!. To speed things up please provide:


    Date of the transaction

    Amount of the transaction

    Last four numbers of the card used
    If you made the purchase as an in-app purchase you will have to request the refund through either your iTunes or Google Play account.

    Click here to send us a message!

Product Satisfaction

General Inquiries

  • What is Collide? is a communication platform that allows fans to connect with their favorite creators via sms/mms text and voice calls. Fans purchase credits in the form of one-time, non-recurring products to access the different communication options offered by each creator.

  • Interested in a brand partnership with one of our Collide creators?

    Great! We look forward to speaking with you. Please email and feel free to provide initial thoughts. We will contact you shortly.

  • How do I unsubscribe from Collide emails?

    You can manage your email notifications by going to You can also click the “Unsubscribe” link found at the bottom of our emails, but that will remove you from all our emails. Click here to send us a message!

  • Why can’t I call/text some content creators?

    Our content creators are dedicated to providing you with personalized experiences. They are the ones who decide how they can best interact with you.

  • I have a press inquiry, who can I contact?

    Please send all press inquiries to .

  • How does the subscription option work for Collide creators?

    Subscribing to a creator gets you unlimited access to all creator content. Subscriptions are billed monthly in the form of recurring credit purchases. In order to make sure you have enough credits available for the subscription we offer credit bundle packages which replenish monthly.

  • How do I report inappropriate/abusive content that is on Collide?

    Please contact us if you feel any of the content on Collide is abusive or inappropriate. Our creators are dedicated to delivering amazing experiences to their followers and all content should follow the terms & conditions they have agreed to. Click here to send us a message!

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